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We can help you stay in your home for months or even years, even if you are unable to make a payment to the bank.


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STOP your Foreclosure !

You have a few options in stopping your foreclosure:

1) Short Sale – we help you sale your property, while talking the bank into forgiving your debt!

For instance, if you owe $300,000 and a prospective buyer offers $160,000.

We work with the bank so that you are forgiven for the remaining $140,000.

2) Modification or Reinstatement – this helps you keep your house, while lowering your payments.

Once your modification application is submitted, we work with the bank’s attorney to ensure that you receive a fair opportunity at getting modification approval.

We can also get a the Court to order (i.e. force) the bank to go through mediation to ensure that your loan modification is given a fair chance at acceptance.

3) Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure – this allows you to walk away from your home, and hand the keys over to the bank. You walk away from the house, and the bank does not pursue further payment.

4) Forbearance - this helps lower your payments for up to 5 years. Depending on your situation, your payments could be lowered up to 35% for 5 years.

Stay in your home!

Need time?

We will gain you months or even years to make a decision!

During this time we will help persuade the bank to reinstate or modify your loan. If you don’t want to keep your home, we will help you with a short sale.

We have helped hundreds of families who are facing foreclosure. We are confident that we can help you with your foreclosure no matter what circumstances are surrounding your situation. Whether you do not have money or you do not want to keep your house, you should speak to an experienced lawyer immediately!

How long can I stay in my home?

If you do not fight your foreclosure by filing the appropriate documents supporting specific legal defenses, you may be out of your home within a month or so. If you fight your foreclosure and raise the appropriate defenses, you could possibly stay in your home for years! Although it is rare, it is possible that you could find yourself in a home the bank hands over free and clear! Our foreclosure lawyer is a professional at finding the bank’s mistakes through sophisticated discovery techniques.

Answer or Response to Complaint within 20 days.

When you are served with a foreclosure complaint, it will state that you must file a response with the court and bank’s attorney within 20 days. You need to consult with an experienced foreclosure lawyer before you file anything with the court! If you file a response that tells a story about how you lost your job or an immediately family member has cancer – this is NOT a defense to foreclosure! If you file a response that says: “Deny all allegations”. This is NOT a defense to foreclosure. Consult a foreclosure defense lawyer immediately! Call one of our lawyers and get free advice. Yes, our foreclosure defense lawyer will give you FREE advice if you call (407)883-2618. And yes, it will be a lawyer and not just a receptionist.

You need to ensure that you file the appropriate motions and raise specific affirmative defenses! If you do not raise specific defenses, the bank’s attorney is going to file a Motion for Summary Judgment. The motion is saying, “Judge, there is nothing to argue about, the Bank should automatically win”! And guess what? If you do not assert some well constructed motions and articulate specific affirmative defenses, the bank will automatically win! This is not the time to be playing around and procrastinating. I have seen many people dig themselves into a hole by filing documents that have absolutely no legal significance. Unfortunately, I have even seen other lawyers place people in bad positions because they did not have a strong understanding of foreclosure law.

Tax Consequences

You also need to realize the tax implications when performing a short sale

or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. If the property is your homestead, usually the Bank will give you a Form 1099 which will allow exempt you for paying taxes on your forgiven debt. Just like there is a capital gains tax, there is also a phantom tax on the forgiven portion of a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. Our foreclosure lawyers can help you make an informed decision.

Avoid Deficiency Judgments

A deficiency judgment means that the bank is able to take your money and property even though the bank has already foreclosed on your house. What is worse than owing $300,000 on your house which is only worth $140,000? A deficiency judgment – not owning the house and still owing over $300,000! Maybe you are thinking Bankruptcy is the answer. We can do your bankruptcy, but first things first.. fight your foreclosure and attempt to do a short sale! Why would you even consider bankruptcy when you may be able to do a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure? All three ways gets you out of your house without a deficiency judgment, however, a bankruptcy can destroy your credit for years and even prevent you from getting jobs!


Should I just file bankruptcy? Maybe. But should you file bankruptcy before fighting your foreclosure? Absolutely NOT! If the bank never produces the original promissory note or mortgage, maybe they will never be able to foreclose! The bank has to prove its foreclosure case. Are you just going to walk away and let them take the house when they can’t even prove that they own your house? Getting a house free and clear may be few and far between, but it happens! Sometimes the banks have violated RESPA and TILA regulations, which means you may be entitled to money. You may even be able to rescind your contract with the bank and get a refund of all payments that you have made. Not to mention, living in your house for free until the bank actually proves their case. Filing bankruptcy is a huge decision that must be approached with caution!

Final Summary Judgment Hearing

A Final Summary Judgment Hearing means that the bank is claiming that they should automatically win their case without an evidentiary hearing. There is a good chance that they are correct in this assumption if you have not been fighting your foreclosure. The sooner you begin fighting your foreclosure case, the better. However, if for some reason you are facing a Final Summary Judgment Hearing and you need immediate representation, call our office immediately at (407)883-2618. We are aggressive at foreclosure defense and have a proven successful track record. We routinely win at summary judgment hearings and we are confident that we can be fully prepared before your hearing. Remember, these hearings are very short and you must raise very technical arguments within that very short amount of time. If you are facing a summary judgment hearing date, we strongly advise that you hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney who has a lot of experience with foreclosure hearings

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